Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This is a google search outlining the GenXXL/Alinshop fiasco... Alin was dropped by BD for selling fake BD product:,GGIC:2007-03,GGIC:en&q=genxxl+heartcable

The latest threat from Alin. He'll send my buddy's gear, but only if we stop the blog. Of course, the implication being that he never sent the gear in the first place. Big suprise.

My buddy and I sent Alin an email requesting he reimburse my buddy for his loss. I also made note of the Kovner article in the Courant, as well as this blog. Alin did not seem pleased with this info. My buddy received the following email from Alin. In it, he threatens to send me some heroin as a set-up. Brilliant dude. Really a top-notch scumbag.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bogus tracking

None of this $3,000 order was received:

Monday, January 29, 2007

Yet another victim of Michaela and

Many in the bodybuilding community shop for anabolic compounds through offshore sources due to the [il]legal standing of anabolics in the US. Many Euro countries allow for the OTC purchase of anabolic steroids which has supported a cottage-industry of AAS dealers who cater to the US bodybuilder. Some of these dealers are legitimate, many are not. This blog will serve as a warning to the community of the unscrupulous dealers.

ALINSHOP.IN is run by "Alin" and "Michaela" which we assume to be aliases; but no matter, as we have no surname for him/her. The scam is run through their website:, ostensibly to provide AAS to bodybuilders; when in fact nobody receives what they order.

You order through his retail website and send payment via Western Union. Payment is sent to Moldova to one of his couriers. You receive an email confirmation once the WU is received, and within a week you receive post-tracking notification if the service is paid by the buyer.

The postal-tracking numbers are useless; either they track null, or they show movement within Romania or Moldova, BUT NEVER LEAVE EITHER COUNTRY. Michaela/Alinshop run the goods, or empty packages for all we know, around various mail drops in Romania, but always terminate back at

Alin/Michaela run email diversions with one or more excuses:

1) Tracking doesn't work... the PO system is useless, please be patient [months will pass]

2) We sent you package unregistered... please be patient. Are you sure none of your neighbor's intercepted the package? [Yea, come to think of it, my neighbor looks pretty swole!].

3) It was seized on its way out of my Country. Please be patient and I will resend. [Eons pass] employs dozens of aliases who scour the bodybuilding lists to shill as satisfied customers and to quell any detractors. There is one site in particular which harbors many AAS-dealers, but it's obviously operating an elaborate scam, as the vast majority of dealers listed are outright FRAUDS.

I will be posting testimonials of those duped by these fraudulent dealers. Please steer clear of Alin/Michaela and